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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006

Software Engineer

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Application Support Consultant

Current Offers

  •        Urgent : A capstone supporter (Tom Brennan) asked me for “really sharp students that are seeking intern opportunities or f/t jobs?”  He is seeking to build the team with folks that have a background with .php / .net / java and of course html. He wants me to email him a professional summary and let the applicants meet him at a major event we are hosting and managing for him on Jan 30th, 2006 as part our capstone Open University networking.
  • (3) Internship opportunities from one of our excellent EDC sponsors (Garden State Apartments).
  •  (1) Full time job offer from one of our capstone supporters (Jerry Toohey). He has an opening for a software engineer.
  •  (1) Full time job offer from one of my students (business owner). He has an opening for application support consultant.
  •      A strategic EDC sponsor is looking for a part time of full time project manager. This is Orthotic Enterprises, LLC one of the most unique multidisciplinary project opportunities we have seen in years. They are partnering with our long-term partner(Cyberextruder) in this project.
  •       One of our  long-term sponsors (Saint Clair Health System) will have a good number of internship opportunities starting from Summer 2006 until the end of Fall 2006 for NJIT students to act as trainers for our their Cerner clinical system.
  •       By the end of spring 2006, I expect to have excellent support for new job opportunities with US Army.
  •       State-supported homeland security center at NJIT has offered and will continue to offer job opportunities. 
  •       All fine dining, a long term EDC sponsor, has employed and will continue to employ our capstone students after SP 06.
  •       IMS health, a 6000-employee global company and a long-term strategic partner, has employed two students and will continue to employ our capstone students after SP06.
  •       Consultants 2 Go, a repeated sponsor since Fall 2005 has employed and expected to continue to employ our capstone students after SP06.
  •      Doherty Enterprises, Inc, a new sponsor, medium size business working with Applebee’s, Chevy's Fresh Mex, and Panera Bread will have internships in the near future.
  •       ATIDO and Open World Interactive employed and will continue to employ our capstone students after SP 06.
  •       So far, I have received project proposals from more than 27 sponsors for spring 2006 semester within which more than 80% will have various employment and/or internship opportunities for our students after or during spring 2006 as per their confirmations.
  •       We will also peruse our students’ capstone entrepreneurship track within which students can form their own business.  In collaboration with the R&D office, we plan to provide them with special training and access to new human and technical resources.  


I have just received the following two job opportunities for two Web App Pen Testers for a Major Firm in Manhattan. The skill sets are listed below. I appreciate any kind of help you may be able to offer. 

Web App Penetration Tester

The role:

The role involves on site client visits to provide a structured program of security testing and delivery of a management report providing recommendations for improved security measures.

Key competencies required:

1. Good background in Information Security in networking, client-server and web application, vulnerability testing.
2. Strong previous experience in penetration testing.
3. Some experience / background in an – e-commerce transaction environment or from a major software house.
4. Some web development experience – although this can be limited.
5. Good documentation and report writing skills.

Past Offers (Fall 2005)

1-       Three full time job offers from CIT, a fortune 500 company located in Livingston, NJ and a long-term capstone sponsor.

2-       One part time job offer from Ho-Ho-Kus Inc., a new capstone sponsor located in Paterson, NJ looking for someone to handle their IT including computers, networking and data bases. In addition, they would like to streamline the programs they use to run their company. They tried manufacturing software in the past. However, it was not very user friendly. So, currently use a combination of Access, Excel, Word and QuickBooks. Visit their website at

Current on-campus offers
The IS  chair needs to hire a few excellent undergraduate students in Spring 2006 to work on the Digital Libraries research project.
The two requirements are:
- Critical thinking and can take initiative
-  Decent Java programming skills
They would work between 10 and 20 hours a week, and this could extend into the summer and fall.
If you are interested, please email me at