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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006


  As you will notice shortly on your Webct grade distribution   , the Evaluation Criteria for this course will be as follows :

Final project Report CD (150 points)

Midterm Project Report CD by the second Sprint presentation   [includes sprint 1 & 2] (70 points)

Progress reports (100 points)

Introduce yourself assignment (on-time) (30 points)

Project  Final Individual Assessment (100 points)

Sponsor evaluation form (250 points)

Class attendance [Total 100 points] but deductions may exceed 100 if very poor attendance occurred.

[INCLUDING (-20 POINTS for every class you missed without a documented permission, -50 points for missing last class)]

Class/Online participation (50 points)

All thee presentations (including 60 points for Final presentation) (150 points)

Sponsor evaluation form , final deliverables/presentations  , final progress reports ,  final short exam and attendance are CRUCIAL

VARIABLES that can give extra push UP/DOWN.     

This is your 1000 points (you need 900 for an A , 850 for B+ , 800 for a B, 750 for a C+ , 700 for a C, 600-699 is a D , and below  600 is an F).

However , you will also notice  on WEBCT plenty of extra credit opportunities as well (including project implementation or coding , project assessment extra credits , on-time video reviews extra credits , class participation extra credits , etc.).Some times your extra credits will be included in your original grade if the grade was above the highest score.

Free riders DO NOT QUALIFY for GROUP GRADES .Their grades will be based on their percentage of contributions according to deliverables ,PM progress reports and sponsor evaluation forms .If a student has very low or no participation in-project , in-team and in-class , he /she may not get a passing grade.

Project Documentation Evaluation

Sample Sponsor Evaluation Form

Presentations Guidelines

Final Presentation Evaluation