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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006

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Sep 21 st , 2005 (4-6 PM )
GITC 1100
Intellectual Property & Commercialization
  1. Judith Sheft – Assistant Vice President , Technology Development  - NJIT Manufacturing
  2. Nicole S. Percel, Esq. , Coordinator, Patents and Licensing - Technology Development- New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
  3. Dave M. McConoughey, ESQ  , Intellectual Property



This talk will give an overview of intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trade secrets) and the importance of IP in technology commercialization and business development.University policy and procedures will be discussed along with ample opportunity for open discussion and interaction with the presenters.



Sep 28 th , 2005 (4-6PM)
GITC 1100 

The Web Of System Performance: A New View
of Technology Acceptance

Dr. Brian Withworth

The Web of System Performance


B.W Bio

Oct  5 th , 2005  (4-6 PM )
GITC 1100
How to utilize library resources for your project ?
Heather A. Huey


Oct 12 th , 2005 (4-6 PM )
GITC 1100
User-focused website  design
Sandra Holtzman , President Holtzman Communications

Key Tips for a Successful Website

Downlaod Presentation (10 Tips to Create a Successful Website )

S.W Bio

Oct 19 th , 2005 (4-6 PM )
GITC 1100

Flash (Samples and Examples )

Pete Tupaczewski
Capstone Student (Capstone Club Team)

Flash Samples an Examples



Wednesday Nov 9th , 2005
4-6 PM , GITC 1100

PhP/MYSQL Crash Course

1- Justin Banaria Espiritu
2- Matthew Tan


1. Intro (PHP/MySQL) - .ppt

2. Setup (Appserv)

3. Dreamweaver (as editor).

4. PhpMyAdmin - Database Setup

5. Dynamic Aspects of Dreamweaver:

-Login/Logout & Sessions.
-Registration Form & Database Insertion.

6. PHP Coding Fundamentals
-Passing Variables to next page


Wednesday Nov 16th , 2005
GITC 100 (4-6 PM)

Search Engine Marketing: How Customers Will Find You

Drew Diskin, M.S.


Will reveal how search engines are providing the means for customers to find products and services in a way that has completely revolutionized the marketing world. For the first time, customers are actively seeking and finding detailed information on products and services online- before connecting with the potential supplier. We will take a look at how search engine marketing relates to the mindset of the typical online customer, the technology that enables marketers to be reached, and a case study highlighting the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

Drew Diskin, M.S. is a consultant to many small businesses and manages the corporate Internet strategy for the hotel website, which spans six languages, seven countries with 25 sub-sites. This website has yielded over 60% growth in revenues and ranks among the top pages of Google and Yahoo for various key phrases. Drew's Internet marketing, business development and consulting career spans from AT&T Global Information Solutions (NCR), small startup
technology ventures (AOL), to Stevens Institute of Technology. He has received several national awards for marketing and lectures regularly at various college and business venues regarding web development and integrated marketing.

Drew holds a Master's degree in technology management from Stevens Institute of Technology. His Bachelor's degree in marketing is from Bryant University. Drew is an active networker through his memberships in Rotary International,
American Marketing Association, Business Marketing Association, Council for Advancement and Support of Education, and the Blooming Grove & Washingtonville
NY Chamber of Commerce. You can learn about him at

Wednesday Nov 30th ,2005
4-6 PM (GITC 1100)

ASP.NET Crash Course

David Beekman


-Background as to where .NET falls historically in the web development evolution

-How it relates to J2EE

-What are the values and issues of security?

-What are the issues with Mid Tier?

-How does it fit in the web ecosystem?


Lead Software Developer at CIT

Learn about our Spring 2006 speakers:

1- Steve Kochan (Wrote 7 books in computer science )

Find more about Steve Kochan at: