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Michael J. Weeast

 Preferred Email:

Education:  I have received my associates degree in CS and I am currently working toward my Bachelorís degree in IS.  The following courses are key to my education and continuing experience:

            CIS465                  Advanced Information Systems

                CIS455                  Computer Systems Management

                CIS390                  Analysis and System Design

MGMT390                Principles of Management                       

                MGT305                Management Information Systems

 Work Experience: 

New Jersey Administrative Offices of the Courts: 1999 to Present

I work in the ITO department of the NJAOC, currently working on a Pervasive Computing Application for writing parking tickets.  I have been on the project through two conversions, including a complete rewrite of all coding and documentation.  My duties include:

                Hardware and Software maintenance

                Procedural documentation    

Maintain PATS equipment inventory and tracking, developed and maintained team shared database

Develop and maintain technical documentation for operational procedures and equipment configuration and installation

Conduct technology and product research and system testing for the PATS application and equipment

I have worked with the following Hardware and Software packages:

                 MS Windows 2000

MS WinCE (Pocket PC2002)

MS ActiveSync





MS Access


Mercury TestDirector

Symbol PPT4600

Symbol PDT2700

Symbol PDT8100

Symbol MC9000

Radix FP40+

Cameo 3 Thermal Printer

Zebra QL320

And much more

Course and Graduation Objectives:  I would like to provide my system analysis and design expertise to a one of the project teams, while increasing my knowledge of IT, IS, and CS.  Once I have completed this semester and graduated, I will take all I have learned and further my career in the Information Technology field.