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Capstone Roadmap

Midterm Deliverables (Sprint 2)

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Midterm Deliverables should include the following items (None of them is optional):
1- Your Midterm Documentation report  that should include project deliverables items from Sprint 1 & 2. This should be on your clearly labeled  CD (No hard copies any more) 
2- A live demo of your mandatory  Midterm Prototype ( your current version of product implementation ).Please compare this prototype with the previous system or initial prototypes . Please include this demo on the same CD in any way possible (such as URL , PPT , Camtesia , diagrams , etc.)
3- A max of  "10-minute" presentation that requires equal participation of all team members and coverage of both the process and the product (i.e.: Documentation and Implementation so far  ). Please include your PPT presentation on the same CD . Extra credits will be given for innovation , sponsor attendance , professionally looking teams , etc.