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Capstone Roadmap

Pre-Project Phase



Due Date


Instructor Invites project managers applications
Letter to class
Sent to your NJIT-provided email address

Call for Project Managers

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Since 9/1/2005
Deadline is Friday Sep 9th , 2005


Interested Students apply for Project Managers positions
Online Project Manager Application Form
Open until Friday Sep 9th , 2005


Project Managers are selected
Receive approval notice from course instructor

Sample Approval Notice



Available Projects are released and updated frequently
View our Industry Sponsors Proposals Database  

Monday 9/1/05


Project managers select & reserve projects
Webboard reservation conference - Must reserve to get approved
Starting from 9/8/2005
Deadline Sunday 9/18/2005


Project managers use Webct to  :
A-   Announce their approved selections 
B-  Invite applications to fill vacancies available and specify skill set required for each vacancy 
Project managers webct disussion board


Will open once all project managers are selected


Students introduce themselves professionally by building their homepages on the webct system  
First Course 30-point mandatory assignment  - Introduction Hompage on Webct
(Bonus points for early introductions)
Professional Introduction Assignment  (download instructions  below)

First Assignment Instructions

Starting from 9/1/2005
Deadline Friday  9/9/2005


Students apply  to project managers who have vacancies for certain positions
Team applications through Webct email (CC to Instructor)
Use your introduction and/or team position application form and/or resume (as requested by PM)

Sample Team Position App.

Deadline for all team members applications  Sunday 9/18/2005


Project managers approve team members   and send a brief explanation  email  to accepted applicants who were not accepted
Approval notice by webct email- and copy  instructor
Team position applicants have to re-apply to other teams - if they were not accepted in their initial applications .They need to keep trying   until they find a job and get approved. Unemployment rate should e set to zero in this class. Instructor will give extra help whenever necessary .You need a team to continue with this class. This is a team-driven project class! We will find you a team if you could not find one after 5 documented attempts.
Starts once a project manager is approved  
Deadline Sunday  9/18/2005


Project managers form teams and begin working on their projects
1-Team Certificate Form -Online Form ( link and password)
2- Project managers have to fill our online progress report after each of the five sprints
3- Configure your project deliverables with instructor and sponsor
Deadline Friday  Sep 23rd , 2005