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Capstone Roadmap

Initiation Phase


Deliverables Due Date
Related In-Class Activities

First Sprint Presentation

Present your project and team formally to class and provide brief description of the project and group members , roles and job descriptions .Then present your requirements analysis process , features list , class and sequence diagrams and verification document
Tuesday Oct  11, 2005  (001, 101 sections)
Wednesday Oct 12, 2005  (103 sections)
Project Background
What is wrong with the AS-IS system ?
Review of all  Project Initiation Delievrables  
Problem Statement
What are the key features of the TO-BE system ?
Establish a foundation for the project in terms of clear, user-focused, concise, and comprehensive problem definition
Review of all  Project Initiation Delievrables  
Literature Review ( Market Reasearch)
Review literature in the project area with full citation.
Review at least three comptetive projects in the market . Define and analyse  advantages , disadvantages  of each  and how your approach set you apart from every one of these competitors. Cite every source you use both in-text and in the list of references . Be consistent in your citation styles (MLA, APA , IEEE , Chigcago and Harvard styles are all accepted).
Review of all  Project Initiation Delievrables  
Methodology Selection
Adopt a software development process model that fits into your project requirements
Provide a weighted-score evaluation matrix to rationalize the adoption of your selection. Provide extensive analysis for the criteria you choose and post analysis for the results you obtained .If you reviewe models , always provide references in-text and in the list of references .   
Review of all  Project Initiation Delievrables  
Project Glossary
Define all technical or key terms in your project 
Provide at least 10 terms for the midterm report and at least 20 terms for the final report . Assume that you deal with non-technical users and clients.
Review of all  Project Initiation Delievrables