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Capstone Roadmap

Final Presentation Deliverables


Final Presentations Schedule

Final Presentation Instructions

1- Your presentation itself should take no more than 15 minutes and we will allow 5 additional minutes thereafter for sponsors and audience feedback.  You should spend at least 8 minutes on your implementation and the rest of the time for highlighting the key issues in the problem solving process (project management, analysis, design, testing, etc). Be innovative and creative and train your team several times in advance

2- Sponsor attendance will be highly appreciated and will reward your team a great deal of  20 points (2%) and not only 3  points as we used to do in partial presentations .Please arrange with your sponsor ahead of time and don’t wait until the last week or minute in invite

Presentation Guidelines

Sample Final Report Evaluation

Final Project CD

The PROJECT CD (Compact Disc) is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and MANDATORY deliverable in your final presentations. Every CD should include the following items (every item should be in a separate folder on your CD) - [Remember no CD means no grade]:

i. Documentation Folder: A soft-copy of your entire final report complied and integrated in ONE and ONLY ONE Word Format. This is an extremely important component.

ii. Coding Folder: The source code of your implementation (well organized and labeled for each component and/or subsystem) including interfaces and databases.

iii. Presentation Folder: Your PPT or PDF presentation file for the FINAL PRESNETTAION.

iv. Application folder: The product itself (including all working pieces for the front end or backend of the system) . You can package it for easy setup and installation which is a plus in the evaluation. If you developed a website please provide a full working link on a word document that you should store in the implementation folder. Include automatic run/setup/installation as part of your extra credit work –if any- at the end of your report.

v. Extras Folder: This can include the following OPTIONAL but EXTRA CREDIT components (Don’t forget to include these items in the extra credit sheet in your final report):

1. A separate User manual and/or Tutorial documents (This can give substantial extra credits if done really well) .

2. Online help as part of the software system itself.

3. An automatic demo done in either Lotus Screen Cam or Camtasia software or any similar packages.. This would allow automatic presentation of your software package with a much longer time demonstrating all features and unique components with audio inputs (if you wish) . This can help in giving your sponsor and myself a better and more in breadth and in depth  idea about your implantation . It can  be viewed at our own convenience and you can even use part of it as part of your final live presentation


Sponsors Evaluation Forms

Sponsors Evaluation Forms


 Sponsor evaluation forms are due on Dec 10th , 2005 or before  AND SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY YOUR SPONSORS ONLINE .This is 250 points of your final evaluation as per course grading criteria .


Online sponsor evaluation forms are available at : 


Project Managers ONLY :  Please remind  your sponsors that this a MANDATORY PART of their participation with NJIT . You should provide them with all necessary data about your class and team members so they can fill this form properly .No final letter grades will be issued without SPONSOR EVALUATION FORMS .


Much of the above reminders  should not be news to any body since they  were scheduled months in advance .