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Capstone Roadmap



Dear Friends,

This is a reminder of our next Capstone Open University session on Wednesday Nov 30th on ASP.NET!

To become a member of our Capstone Open University please register using the following registration link:

Registration is free and open to all. Your registration applies to all Open University sessions (you need to register only once and NOT for each session). Registration does not require you to attend all sessions (attendance is up to you and you can attend as many sessions as you want). Due to limited seating, only registered members will be given the priority in seating. Additionally, only registered members will be considered for special events & activities, complementary training (when available), and on-high-demand future invitations. It is highly recommended to register even if you plan to attend only one session at this time.    

An exciting Capstone Open University session is scheduled on Wednesday November 30th. This session will offer a crash course in ASP.NET development and security. Please find a bio of our speaker and an outline of this crash course below.


Date: Wednesday Nov 30th

Location: GITC 1100 @ NJIT

Time:     4-6 PM

Topic:    Crash course in ASP.NET

Content: Background as to where .NET falls historically in the web development evolution; How it relates to J2EE? What are the values and issues of security? What are the issues with Mid Tier? How does it fit in the web ecosystem?

ASP.NET Crash Course Outline

1)      Microsoft’s Pre .NET environment

A)    ASP

B)    COM and COM+

C)    VB 6 & C++ 

2)    .NET overview

A)    Common Language Runtime

B)    Memory Management

C)    Class Library

D)    Object Orientation

E)    XML Support

F)    Structured Exception handling

3)      ASP.NET

A)    Applications

B)    Forms and Controls

C)    Data Access with ADO.NET

D)    Security

E)    Web Services 

4)  Future Directions from Microsoft

5)  Questions & Answers 

Speaker: David Beekman  

Bio: Dave Beekman has spent over 20 years in the IT industry in many different roles and environments. He’s been a Programmer/Analyst, LAN/WAN administrator, Project Manager, and the head of corporate infrastructure. The companies he’s worked for range from the fortune 500 to startups. The projects he’s been involved in include a compiler, an On-line bidding system, shrink wrapped software packages, programming frameworks and eCommerce web sites. This diverse background gives him a unique view of Software Development. Dave is currently employed at the CIT group as a System Architect.

Target Audience: Any one interested in Web development, Internet Programming and Internet Security.  

Now in our open university, there is even more interaction after the first 60 or 90 minutes of each crash course or presentation, whenever possible. Occasionally, this may include discussion groups, movies, refreshments, and/or competitions with gift certificates.

Come and bring your team, employees, students, friends and family.

Learn, enjoy, interact, and participate! The Capstone Open University is open to every one in our community free of charge. Please feel free to forward this email to any one interested.

We look forward to meeting you in our upcoming Capstone Open University learning opportunities! 

Warm regards,

Osama Eljabiri

Lecturer and Director of Capstone Courses

Room 2315 A - GITC Building 

College of Computing Sciences @ NJIT

University Heights , Newark , NJ 07102

Tel : 973- 642 -7123

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