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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006

Dear Spring 2006 Capstone courses & University-wide Project Class,


This is a special invitation to become one of our spring 2006 pioneers, optionally.


Spring 2006 is expected to be a very promising semester with a broad array of unique project opportunities and class activities. There will be a very good number of university-wide interdisciplinary projects as well.


Examples of our spring 2006 sponsors include but not limited to:


US Army, Homeland Security Technology Systems Center @ NJIT, IMS Health, Johnson and Johnson, Edentify, Ho-Ho-Kus, Saint Clare's Health Services, Orthotic Enterprises, Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater, , ATIDO, Doherty Enterprises,, Collaborating Center for Nursing @ Rutgers,  NexTec Group, Morphos Financial LLC, One Moon Scientific, UV Electric, Consultants 2 Go, Chem-Is-Try,  Career Development Services at NJIT, Turnkey Properties, Graduate Studies Office @ NJIT, NJIT library and more. Projects database will be released to you after Jan 10th.


Also, if you have a truly innovative idea and wish to become an entrepreneur, you can submit your own project proposal at the following link, no later than Jan 5th, 2006:


We will offer special training for entrepreneurs in spring 2006 to help you form your own business through our class. However, due to limited resources we can only accept one entrepreneurship project per class section (a maximum of 4 per semester). 


Please find spring 2006 master calendar attached. Please note that you are only responsible for your own class time and your own project activities which include the activities applicable to all classes. Additionally, you can attend optional activities such as Open University crash courses for extra credit points.   


Who are pioneers?


[Pioneers] are students who engage in their class and project activities prior to the official beginning of the semester.


Why I should consider becoming a pioneer?


While the [pioneers] is an absolutely optional, it has multiple benefits:


1-      Save substantial time and accelerate the process instead of starting from scratch when the semester starts.

2-      Hunt the best projects opportunities available and be part of a carefully-designed team.

3-      Allow sufficient time to learn about the course and available projects so you can start the se.

4-      Earn up to 70 points (7%) extra credits even before you attend any official class meeting.  


How can you become a pioneer?    


 Please read carefully the following TWO OPTIONS:


1- For the first time (in this fashion), I will invite our students who wish to become pioneers to meet with some carefully-selected key sponsors who proposed some of  the most significant and rewarding projects for Spring 2006 in a special event. 


Just for attending this event in full, you will get 50 points extra credit.


The meeting will be on Monday Jan 9th, 2006 from 6-9 PM. The location is GITC 3730 (location confirmed unless otherwise I notified you with a room change).


This meeting will have the following agenda:


1- Brief course introduction 6-6:30PM

2- Brief sponsors and projects overview from 6:30-7:30PM (5 minutes for each sponsor – sponsors speak directly or use a PPT slideshow).

3- Round table meetings with sponsors (7:30 - 8:30PM, extendable to 9PM, If needed): each sponsor will be assigned a table and students will have the choice to sit with sponsors they are interested in their projects - as many and as long as they want.


In this event, students who decide to join a certain project will have to get: an approval from sponsor and instructor based on the skill set needed (they will be advised to bring their resumes). This approval can be given right away in the same meeting.  Please note that only project managers are allowed to reserve projects and form teams in coollabotion with sponsor and instructor. Approved students will become an important reason for project managers to select a project and a facilitator to form an early team.


If you wish to participate in this event, please confirm by replying to this email ASAP so I can make necessary arrangements. Please reply to me no later than Jan 4th, 2006.


This is a one-time special event that I hope you will be able to utilize. It helps boast project performance  and productivity and accomplish multiple objectives for all.   


2- Apply as a pioneer project manager online. If you met our criteria, you will be notified and invited to an interview for final approval. I will have an initial session to interview project management applicants Jan 9th, 2006 from 5-6PM in GITC 3730. To be considered, you have to fill the PM application no later than Jan 5th, 2006. Please use the following link to apply:


I am looking now for new and ambitious project managers for our 2006 teams across the board.  It doesn’t matter what is your major since we compose our teams from all departments in an interdisciplinary fashion. This helps in making our teams more effective and making their skill sets more comprehensive.


However, you can only form a team from the students in your own session duration (i.e.: Tuesday 4-6 PM, Tuesday 6-8 PM, or Wednesday 6-8 PM. 


Only project managers have the right to reserve industry-sponsored projects or lead entrepreneurship opportunities.


Pioneer Project Managers have to attend our special event above on Jan 9th,2006 from 6-9PM.


Remember, since early involvement in the course experience is absolutely optional. Each live or online participation will be considered as extra credit work and will be rewarded bonus points.



The University-wide project course is open to all five university colleges as an elective course. CCS students who wish to [double] their time availability can take this course along with the capstone course to earn [6] credit hours in one project.  The same thing applies to students from School of Management, College of Science and Liberal Arts, Newark College of engineering and School of Architecture. To make 6 credit hours in one project, the project has to be demanding enough to require this.  The good news as always, you will have no exams, quizzes or traditional homework except for team-based project deliverables.      


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to contact me any time including holidays and weekends as a reply to this email.


Thank you.


I wish you all Happy Holidays and a rewarding new year!


Osama Eljabiri

Lecturer and Director of Capstone Courses

Room 2315 A - GITC Building 

College of Computing Sciences @ NJIT

University Heights , Newark , NJ 07102

Tel : 973- 642 -7123

Email :

Students :

Sponsors :


(P.S. Through our special fast career development track, I have a number of various job opportunities that I will advertise shortly to you)