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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006


I am new to the this course and its process , how can I start ?
Read the quick start sheet at the following link.

Quick Start (Capstone Courses)

How can I introduce myself on Webct  as per our first course assignment?
You need to read introduction assignment instructions and apply them precisely and completely  (including adding a photo of yourself). You need to create a webct student homepage using available and simple webct tools  no later than Friday Jan 20th  , 2006. This is not a programming assignment . However , adding  your own content using HTML , XML , DHTML , JavaScript or JAVA is optional and totally up to you . You need to have every thing inside your webct homepage except for external links (dont link to an external homepage of yourself) . See introduction instructions are also available  via the link below .

Introduction Assignment Instructions

Where can I find Fall 2005 projects ?
Please visit the following link :

How can I learn more about projects in Fall 2005 database ?
To learn about available projects , you can do one or more of the follwing :
1- Read projects descriptions carefully , visit sponsors websites and read their attachments (if any). 
2- Contact project sponsor by an email , a phone call or a visit. All contact information is availble in our projects database linked above. However ,you cannot reserve a project directly from the sposnor.
3- Attend sponosors presentations sessions from Jan 24-26, 2006 in class
4-  Ask me about more details (if available). In many cases , I might be able to provide you with additional information upon request.

How can I select a project I like ?
Since only project managers can reserve projects , you have two options :
1- Become a project manager , select and reserve an available project.
2- Apply to a project manager who has already selected a project you are interested in.
(Make sure that this project manager has vacanacies that match your skill set )

What if I have an additional project that is not in the Spring 2006 database list ?
We only accept industry-sposnored project or projects from students who apply to the enterpreneurship track .  However , at this point are again totally booked for the Spring 2006 semester because of the overwhelming number of project requests we received . Therefore , we cannot accept any more industry -sponsored projects for Spring 2006. Yet , if your employer or somebody you know wishes to sponsor a project in the future , we will be happy to accomodate his/her needs for Summer or Fall 2006 or next year  . We may have a very limited room though for students enterpreneurs in Spring 2006 (one team max per sesrion, if qualified).  

How can I apply for a Project Manager position ?
Deadline is approaching soon .Please apply by Sunday Jan 22, 2006 or before .
To apply please visit the following link .

Project Manager Application (Click here)

Project Managers FAQ's

If I applied for a  project manager position ,  how and when would I know if I was approved or if there is something missing from my application ? 
  • I will send you an approval notice by email with instructions and guidenace
  • You can visit View Project Managers Spring 2006   to see if you were among approved project managers. Please note that this information is being frequently updated.
  • If you craeted an optional account for your application you can always access your account to view the decision on your application (instructor section at the bottom of the application form).

Your application  will be reviewed and processed ASAP (most likely within 48-72 hour of your application date) 

How can I reserve a project ?
As mentioned above , only project managers can reserve projects . So , first of all you need to apply to a PM position using the link above . Secondly , you need to use our reservation system on the webboard at  
Just reply to  my message "Reserve Your Project Here" by a request for reservation  and title your reply with the title of  the project you wish to reserve  and the name of its sponsor .

How would I know which projects are reserved by others  so I can either reserve available projects as a PM or apply to a PM who reserved a project I am interested in?
Three ways  to get that (the first is the easiest):
1- View our Project Managers List , their Contact Info and their Reservations at
2- Reserved projects will be marked as (reserved by : PM Name) on sponsors proposals forms available on our projects database [linked above] 
3-Visit our reservationn system at :
Click on  Spring 2006 Projects Reservations  Then
Click on (Reserve Your Project Here) and see if your project was reserved or not .
I will also mark reserved projects on the online proposal form  as reserved and provide the name of the project manager who reserves any project on the same proposal form

How do  I know that my reservation is confirmed ?
The first who reserves will usually gets the project .

This often  takes place except for three conditions :

1- We decided to postpone or cancel this project for some reason .This is not common .

2- The project manager with his/her team decided to change the project (in the grace period of two weeks before the semester or one week during the first two weeks of the semester ).

3- The team did not have the skill set for this project as opposed to another team that was also interested in this same project at a later time

Can I change a project I have already reserved ?
After the beginnig of the semester , you have one week grace period to change your project (as long as this happens before Sunday Jan  29th,  2006 ). After Jan 29th, you cannot change your project

I was in your CIS490 class in a previous semester as a project manager , do I need to re-apply ?
This is abolutely required .If you were a project manager in last semester, you have to re-new this again or otherwise you have to choose a different role in the team . To renew , you have to re-apply by following instructions above.Please note that your application may be approved or not depending on your performance in the kast semester.

What are project manager responsibilities after  he/she gets  approved and reserves a project ? 
Please see project managers FAQ's linked above for full details

How many people can form a team ?
This semester, the minimum ois 4 people and max is 5 people . More than 5 people will not be accepted except for university-wide collaboration, graduate students advising and high school engagment (If and only if the project was demanding enough to require such extended team structures).
 Due to the nature of SCRUM/FDD development processes , 5 people will be the recommended number for most situations.

What is the team formation process and structure ? What are the rules for free riders ?
Please see attachment below to answer these questions.  

Team Formation Process

How would I know that  a team has available vacancies for team members ?
Projecct managers are required to annonce their vacancies via a special online form. They have to announce their approved project selection, the title of the position available and the skill set needed. To see what vacancies are available for you, please click this link.

How can I apply to a team as a team member?
You need to apply directly to the project manager via webct email . You can use your resume , your webct introduction and/or the team member position application to support your application . The project manager should reply to you within 48 hours with a decision .The PM has to explain his/her decision if your application is not approved (reason may include but not limited to  availability and skill set required)   

What if I applied to a team but was not approved ?

Please re-apply  to another team as soon as you can . Team position applicants have to re-apply to other teams - if they were not accepted in their initial applications .They need to keep trying   until they find a job and get approved. Unemployment rate should be set to zero in this class. Instructor will give extra help whenever necessary .You need a team to continue with this class. This is a team-driven project class! We will find you a team if you could not find one after 5 documented attempts. You have to be in a team by Thursday Feb 2, 2006 as a final deadline .


What should we do after forming our  team ?
Four  things :
1- Submit your team certificate form online     .  I will create a private discussion board for your team as soon as possible .
2- Contact your sponsor , confirm to sposnor your approved project  selection and start learning about the problem and developing the phases of the solution .
3- Project managers have to report to me team progress via mandatory online progress reports  after each one of the five sprints throughout the semester as indicated on our course calendar .
4- Start preparing for your first team presentation