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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006

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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006

Background and Key Instructions

Event Planning Form (Please fill this form no later than Sunday April 9, 2006 - By mid night ) - ONLY Project Managers should fill this form

  Capstone Showcase Spring 2006

As you all know, Monday April 24th, 2006 is capstone big presentation day (POSTER AND PRODUCT SESSIONS EXHIBIT).

- This is a 100-point (10%) MANDATORY assignment for all our senior project capstone teams in all sections across the board. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is a specific column in your course evaluation, that you see on webct, this is fully dedicated to this key event.   

- Location is the Ballroom at the second floor of the students’ center at NJIT, the third floor in the three large conference rooms.

- You have to be there as early as possible in the morning .You will have from 9-12 noon to set up your equipments, test and get ready. 

- Actual presentation sessions exhibit will be officially open to all audience from 12-5PM but you can start showcase your products as soon as you ready, even before the official time. 

- Even though, this is a mandatory activity, teams will compete for extra bonus points rewards (up to another 50 points: 5% extra credit). Therefore your total points can reach 150 points if you received the full mark in this live presentation assignment and won of the high ranks in the associated competition. Your evaluation will be carried out collaboratively through a judging panel. 

You can also get another 30 points (3%) extra points if your sponsors participated with you in this event.

We look forward to having a rewarding capstone showcase on April 24th. 


Golden Rules
1- Always come early .Setups can be very demanding
2- All team members have to be well dressed in all events
3- Be innovative , creative and leave a strong impression. Ineract with audience as much as possible
4- Plan early and smartly. Make sure that all your resources will be available on time. Stay on budget allocated to each team .
5- Communicate and coordinate effectively with all stakeholders of the event (Team members , media services , intructor and school administrators)  
6-Explain both the process and the product

Your Presentation Components

1- One well printed  color poster . You can print your poster  any where  and PM’s can bring the bills to Ms. Serena Branson  Serena.Branson@NJIT.EDU  in the Dean’s office  later for reimbursement (LIMITED TO $30 MAX PER TEAM).  Sample examples of good posters on this page . The size of the poster has to fit the regular isles we  have at NJIT  and may need to have a good foundation for your poster .

This poster has to map the process and the product of your project .In  other words , it has to explain the phases and the features and  functionalities of your final product in a story board fashion (briefly).

 2-      Live and interactive presentation from your entire team using  PowerPoint slides or PDF about the project and how it was carried out  from the beginning . This has to run repeatedly every 30 minutes  or  whenever you have a new group of audience or even one or two people  wondering about your work. Expect your audience to ask many questions or  to have concerns. Prepare to answer any anticipated questions your diverse audience may have.

3-  A live demo of your actual  product itself , running , functioning  and working well on a computer (smartcard system from media services , your laptop , a projector, a screen or all that combined ). This can be part of your live presentation above and/or you can use a powerful presentation technology such as Camtasia Studio  or allow hand-on  testing .

You can download CAMTASIA STUDIO at :  .

You can also input voice with your presentation and leave it playing continuously while you make direct interaction with your audience .

4-  Publications that your audience can keep with them. This includes  brochures, pamphlets, flyers , handouts , CD’s /DVD’s,  business cards , etc.    Please make enough black and white and color copies. Expect  hundreds of people to come and visit you. Make all your prints using free school resources .

Key Contacts

In addition to myself , some key contact people information is provided  below :

Ms. Serena Branson  Serena.Branson@NJIT.EDU  is our Dean's assistant in  the CCS college who will take care of paying your posters bills   .  Every team cannot exceed $30 budget for the poster .Print your other handouts in school for free. 

Mr. Joseph  Bonchi   and Mr. Victor Passaro  are the people in charge in the media services  and they will be our key contact people for your equipments and needs .

Sarah Vandermark

Phone 973-596-2985

Kathy James  Assistant to the CS Chair, can give you access to B&W or color Printers  in-school .










April 24th, 2006 Showcase Schdeule & Location
Full Duration : 9 AM -  5:30 PM
Official Schedule :
     1- Setup Time : From 9 AM to 11 AM
     2- Inspection : 11 AM -12 Noon
     3- Lunch (to capstone students only): 12 - 12:30
     4- Showcase open to public : 12:30 -   5:30 PM 
Student Center - 2nd Floor-  Ballroom

Sample Poster #1

Sample Poster #2

Sample Poster #3

Sample Poster #4

Sample Poster #5