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Capstone Showcase April 24, 2006

Normal Office Hours (unless otherwise updated below ) 

Spring  2006 Regular Office Hours

Thursdays 3:30 -5:30 PM

Class-based extended office hours: 15 Minutes before most classes and up to one hour after most night classes (when available).

Walk-ins are welcome any time based on availability .Online and in-class help hours are also available

Online office hours: Online assistance and orientation are available via email, webct, chatting, etc. (whenever possible)

Office Hours Update Saturday April 2 , 2005

Dear Class ,

Please be advised that for next week my office hours will be on Tuesday April 5 , 2005 from 2- 4 PM instead of Thursday . NO office hours will be on this coming Thursday

Please stop by if you have any questions or need any help .

 I highly recommend visiting my office hours page weekly at :

to see if there are any updates or changes

Please remember that you can always get help through email . Project managers can call me at my cell phone any time as well.