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Celebrating More Than Two Years of Success Stories
More than 200 Teams 
More than 91 Sponsors
More than 60 companies
More Than 200 Projects

On this page we will tell you about ourselves.

   After two years of the capstone experience, more than 200 teams have participated in more than 122 full-scale projects in which many have multi-phases and some have involved multi-team structures .. This implies that the capstone program has actually delivered more than 200 full-scale projects , large sub-projects  or complex  project-phases in just two years .   By the end of Fall 2004 , the capstone program was able to establish project-based relationships with more than 82 sponsors in which more than 82% are external business or organizations to NJIT .Our sponsors list include 6  Fortune 500 companies  , 51 medium to small to large  size companies across the tri state area , 8 sponsors from New Jersey  colleges and universities , 5 public services departments or agencies at the city , state or national levels  and 7 unique projects sponsored from NJIT faculty. We expect 35-40 teams (200 students) to be available for new projects by Spring 2005 .

Additionally, our entrepreneurship and now considered a well-sponsored track that evolved over the time   produced at least 4 outstanding success stories.  

 Example of projects sponsors include but not limited to : McKesson, Honey Well, PSE&G, CIT, Saint Clair Health System ,  State of NJ governor’s office ,  Newark public Library , Newark Housing authority , Rutgers university,  National Guard , Bayers ,  NASA ,  NSF and tens of other businesses and research institutions  Clearly , sponsors and projects diversity demonstarte the broad array of interest in our capstone program .  Projects dealt with many kinds of business problems and application areas from entertainment to finance to health to education to the public sector needs. The capstone program also offers strong support and training to students who wish to become entrepreneurs.

   We are currently implementing an extension of the Capstone Program that integrates computer and wetlab activities to provide students and faculty with hands-on exposure to bioinformatics These interdepartmental and inter-institutional programs will include mentoring in grant writing, applied technology development, intellectual property practices and entrepreneurial strategies and will serve as models for expansion into other interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas.

  The capstone program is very  ambitious to expand its network of relationships and improve its CRM capabilities . Capstone courses  director is working on enhancing  students resources and training and improve team-structures and teams skill sets  by building  interdisciplinary collaborations across college degrees and departments and  across the  entire  the school system. 









Our Philosophy

The capstone courses program is a triple win for students, industry and school.

Our projects are so diverse to meet every student interest from industry-sponsored projects to entrepreneurship.

Our business model is so adaptable to suit your business requirements.

Our interdisciplinary teams are built to function and achieve. They work with passion and deliver results.

Our process identifies business problems studies feasibility and risks , understand multistakeholders requirements  , architect the solution and deliver products in an evolutionary fashion.

Our prototypes will show tangible results as early as the third week of the process and will use your feedback continuously to assure quality I improve and enhance.

Our project managers are carefully selected and they will form the team that has the skill set needed for your project.

Our goal is not to meet your expectations but to exceed them.


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