The Capstone Experience at NJIT

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We have 50 NJIT student interns who are studying information technology and computer science, working on eight projects. Having them work for us has allowed us to jump ahead in our work.


Larry Gardner

CEO and Founder of Cyberextruder




CIT has been a sponsoring company of the capstone graduation projects with NJIT since January 2003. The opportunity for students to integrate real world experience in to their otherwise academic experience is invaluable to them and to us.  Our collaboration has seen some very quick responsiveness to our ever growing technical demands. We are able to leverage cutting edge technologies like .Net and Microsoft’s SharePoint portal server quickly by sharing this academic relationship


 Harold Olmstead

VP Service Level Management

Systems and Technology Support 

Global Infrastructure Services

CIT Group, Inc.




Very well diverse group of dynamic individuals with many skills equipped to create a website, write a business plan, business marketing, hard working, and capable of delivering a complete product. 


Henri Boll

President Inc



As a whole the team preformed extremely well. The direction given by TMS was an outline. The team was able to understand what we were looking for and implement our needs into the finished program.

Sean P McShane


Transportation Made Simple



This was a huge project and required much attention to detail.  The team asked the right questions and wee very helpful to Arc of Monmouth staff in deciphering what needed to be done.  They provided many useful suggestions.


Sarah Logan

Office Manager

The Arc of Monmouth



This group hung in there and were able to work around these problems and move steadfastly through the project. This group communicated well and worked very efficiently. They were always on time for the meetings and handled themselves in a very professional manner.  I was very impressed with the work that they did. They fulfilled all of our needs and produced a product that is above and beyond what we expected.  Overall all I was pleased and would look forward to participating in upcoming projects.


Jerri Drakes


The Workstation Inc.




It has been a great pleasure working with Imran & Group. Their professional approach to the project has been excellent and the results can be seen in the project release.  They came in to a project from ground scratch and have successfully laid the foundation for further developments.  Because of the short time available, the group did not manage to fully complete the project.  They were able to establish the design, population of the Web Database, programming of dynamic PHP catalog and shopping cart.



Matt Mi-Ann

Marketing & Distribution Representative

Sylph Fashion



 I was so impressed with the whole process.  I am amazed at how talented, professional and responsive the team was to the project.  The group of students that worked on this project quickly understood the scope and was able to deliver the requested tool within a very short period of time.  The entire experience was one that I am going to recommend to other managers at IMS.


Marilyn Mahon
Group Manager, Quality Assurance
IMS Health


This group was very prompt in implementing suggestions, very professional and timely.  Based on the scope of work initially developed, we are very pleased with the results.


Juan Rosario

Newark Housing Authority

Acting I.T. Administrator






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