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This page allows you to download some key documents about our capstone program.

Please feel free to download  the following documents at the following link :


 1- Sample syllabus of the senior project capstone course which can serve as a guide to course approach , structure , procedures , deliverables and evaluation  processes.


2- The form that initiates a project after an industrial sponsor completes it and email it to me at least one week prior to the start of the next semester . This information will be made available to students about ASAP before the semester starts via email.


3- A generic presentation I made previously to some of our prospective sponsors in the industry  which can give a good quick idea about how the capstone course works in its new design .


4- The sponsor evaluation form that is required to be completed by the sponsor and returned to me prior to the final presentation date


5- A selected sample project documentation .


6- A generic letter to the industry (as indicated above)


7- Optional opportunity to present your project (s) to our students


8- Some Testimonials from our Industry-Sponosrs

Download documents here

Sample Project

Generic syllabus

Industry Proposal Form

Letter to Industry

Capstone Overview Presentation

Sponsor Evaluation Form


Optional Sponsor Presentation to Sudents

Click here to see capstone Nov 30th , 2004 Showcase photos

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