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Course Tools

      The following software tools are either required or recommended in this course: 

         Microsoft Visio  - Standard, professional or enterprise edition (automate software engineering modeling)


         Microsoft Project or windows (automate  WBS , Gannt / Pert Chart generation)


         COSMOS 4.1 (automate COCOMOII and Function Points calculations)


         SPSS – Statistical Package (Advanced students who choose professional surveys and empirical analysis for requirements validation and verification)





This course has one textbook assigned. The required textbook is:


Modern Systems Analysis and Design by Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Joey F. George and Joseph S. Valacich, Third edition, Addison Wesley (ISBN: 0-13-033990-3)


     This textbook is very helpful, well -structured and full of examples and illustrations. This book offers a comprehensively coverage of basics of software engineering in terms of essential analysis & design concepts, and illustrates them through running case studies.  The third edition is recently published and includes discussion on new technological developments , business process reengineering and UML standards in OOA and OOD.

    For your convenience an additional online coverage of the Text Book is available through the following URL:


You need to register on this website to access our additional course information/material based on the authors supplements. Please use “490490” as your access code. Keep  in mind that this in addition to our CIS490 Roadmap website and  webct systems.


Two other text books I highly recommend for your reference are :


1- Software Engineering: Theory and Practice, Second Edition by Shari Lawrence Pfleeger . Find book resources and online lecture notes at :  


2-Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, Pressman, McGraw-Hill, Fifth Edition, 2001.Find book resources and online lecture notes at:


        More good books and references in software engineering can be found at the following URL:


However, live lectures will always add more information, examples and extensions. You are required to combine both live lectures and lecture notes in PPT with the support of the textbook. Lecture notes in power point format are available on my website and they summarize every chapter in the textbook. External readings and citations are very welcome and encouraged. More information/links can be found on the class WEBCT system.