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Thursday Jan 20 , 2005
1- All un-reserved projects in our projects database are open now for consideration and reservation (even if they were not marked as open ). Further joint collaboration between students , sponsors and instructor  in clarifying requirements ,  finalizing skill set needed and availability of human resources  will help narrow down our options .
2- Project managers reservation deadline is Sunday Jan 30 , 2005 .This is the last day to reserve a project.   .Please notice that the grace period to change a project is only before Feb 1st , 2005.You cannot change your project after Jan 31st
3- Project Manager applications are extended to next Friday Jan 28 , 2005 to allow students to learn more about  projects from next week sponsors presentations . Some sponsors will not have the chance to present though  but many will present.
4- Due to the high demand for human resources this semester , I have decided to strongly encourage building teams of only 4 people instead of 5 or 6 . Project documentation requirements will be scaled to the size of the team  . This implies that if you have more than 4 people , your documentation requirements will be more (based on team size) . However , less than 4 people in a team will not be accepted .