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No  Project Manager Name  Email  Section No Resserved Project  Sponsor Name
1 Andrew  Ford Tuesday afternoon section 002  J&J Enterprise Reporting System  J&J
2 Emilio Diaz  Tuesday afternoon section 002  WKS Workstation Work Station 
3 Neng Hu Tuesday afternoon section 002  Urovalve Website Urovalve, Inc. 
4 Joseph Valenti  Tuesday afternoon section 002    Rational Affinity Devices Rational Affinity Devices
5 Xuchu Ruan  Tuesday afternoon section 002    Check Please CheckPlease
6 Jason Wolf Tuesday afternoon section 002    May Commencement Ceremony NJIT's Interim Associate Provost
7 Harvey Morales  Tuesday afternoon section 002    Interactive Consumer Entertainment System QPlay Interactive
8 Katoya Jackson Tuesday afternoon section 002  SVA Application SVA Tech.
9 Coral Parmar  Tuesday afternoon section 002  Mind Pillar Project Mind Pillar
10 David Dwyer Tuesday afternoon section 002  CyberExtruder - Sub Team  Cyber Extruder
11 Christopher Goy     Tuesday night section 102 CIT DBMS (second Phase)  CIT Group 
12 Justin Espiritu Tuesday night section 102  CDS Second project NJIT Career Development Services 
13 Andrew  Malinowski   Tuesday night section 102 WEB-SITE for SRA  NJIT - Sponsored Research Administration
14 Malissa Rojas  Tuesday night section 102 Self Optimizing Teaching System LMI Technologies
15 Timothy Bennett Tuesday night section 102 Programming Contest Grading System James Geller (Faculty@NJIT)
16 Sean Cherchio Tuesday night section 102 ATIDO Dynamic Website ATIDO
17 Michal Figura Tuesday night section 102 Zeek2Find project NJIT Library 
18 Matthew Devine  Tuesday night section 102 Automated Capture & Sto  Portfolio Analysis, Inc
19 Francesca Francois  Tuesday night section 102 CDS Second Project (PHP Library) NJIT Career Development Services 
20 Jitesh Desai Tuesday night section 102 BlackNJ project BlackNJ
21 Victor Aroma Tuesday night section 102 Album IP MASK Solutions 
22 Dennis Leung Tuesday night section 102 Client Server Audio Controls from NJIT IS Department. 
23 Stephanie Alimario  Tuesday night section 102   Model Interactive E-Learning Course EducateGlobal
24 Hortensia Barbour Tuesday night section 102 CyberExtruder - Sub Team  Cyber Extruder
25 Joseph Moonsammy Tuesday night section 102 Ecomm Marketing App (Team 2) Eugene Kelly / Entrepreneurship
26 Hossam Mohamed /Thaddeus Okechukwu PM's emails Tuesday night section 102 Frontend design and Backend support  CIT Group 
27 Adam McDonald  Wednesday night section 104  Ecomm Marketing App (Team 1) Eugene Kelly/  Entrepreneurship
28 Michael Goldsmith   Wednesday night section 104  Slot Management System EMG Inc
29 Harshit  Parikh  HJP2@NJIT.EDU  Wednesday night section 104  CDS Third Project NJIT Career Development Services 
30 Ridhdhi M. Patel  Wednesday night section 104   Cyber Extruder-Sub Team Cyber Extruder
31 Michael Piotrowski  Wednesday night section 104   NaFFAA Youth project  NaFFAA Youth project 
32 Jessica Olejar Wednesday night section 104   Relationships Management Services  Abacus Biocomputing project
33 Daniel Rodriguez Wednesday night section 104   Automated Speech recognition NJIT IS Department
34 Luis Arroyo  Wednesday night section 104   Trizetto Customer Support Portal Trizetto 
35 Aleksandr Vinokurov  Wednesday night section 104   J&J Rational Software Customization  J&J
36 Gerard Malik Wednesday night section 104   Electronic Software Solutions (Second Phase) Electronic Software Solutions 
37 Marlyn Barrett Wednesday night section 104  Client X Client Project (CRM Redefined) Client X Client 
39 Puneet Bajaj    Wednesday night section 104  AMM Abacus Biocomputing Systems
40 George Hatziemanuel Thursday Night CIS490  Widget Widget Infomatics 
41 Scott Hurring Thursday Night CIS490  Producer's Depot Producer's Depot
42 Amgad Zaki (PM) /Jiten Amin (CO-PM )  Thursday Night CIS490  SSMM Abacus BiocomputingSystems
43 Javier Gonzalez Thursday Night CIS490  Entrpeneurship Resource Map Project NJIT - Sponsored Research Administration
44 Paul Lesiak Thursday Night CIS490  Cottage Computers project Cottage Computers   
45 Bryan Penczak  Thursday Night CIS490  IMS Health  Project  IMS Health  
46 Kevin  Tung Thursday Night CIS490  CyberExtruder - Sub Team  Cyber Extruder  
48 Mohamed  Omar Thursday Night CIS490  The KDE portal  Prime Agency  
49 Oswaldo David Espinosa Thursday Night CIS490  Client/Expert Matching Database System Development Nitron Advisors