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CIS490 Roadmap

Final Exam & Project Help
Final Exam & Project Help
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A- Final Exam and Required Topics
Final Exam will be on Thursday April 28th , 2005  in regular class location (KUPF 118).This exam is open book and open notes .Final Exam duration is 3 hours
List of Topics Covered in the Final Exam   
(Download key study material below)  
1- Stakeholders Identification
2- Requirements Gathering Techniques
(More attention to :  Interviews , Questionnaires , Document Archeology , Brain Storming , JAD and Use Case Diagrams )
3- Requirements Definition , Specifications , Functional and Non-Functional . 
4- DFD's , Structure Charts , Process Specifications (Structured English ,  Decision Trees and Decision Tables ) and Data Dictionaries .
5- Design Quality (Coupling and Cohesion) 
6- Entity Relationship diagram (ERM)
7- Object-Oriented Modeling (Class Hierarchy Diagrams )
Please note that while  study material below does cover most of the final exam topics , there are some few topics that are not included .You need to refer to class notes , textbook and other resources  to cover these topics

Study Material (A)

Study Material (B)

Sample Final Exam

B- Sponsors Evaluation Forms


 Sponsor evaluation forms are due now  on April 28th , 2005 or before  (as a final   extension) AND SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY YOUR SPONSORS ONLINE .This will 100 points of your final evaluation as per course grading updated criteria .


Online sponsor evaluation forms are available at : 


(The form is still under fine tuning –  and will be available for submission  from April 26th , 2005 and up at the above link )


Project Managers ONLY :  Please remind  your sponsors that this a MANDATORY PART of their participation with NJIT . You should provide them with all necessary data about your class and team members so they can fill this form properly .No final letter grades will be issued without SPONSOR EVALUATION FORMS .

C- Optional Extension for Final Project (CD)


Please submit your final project report as one word document on a CD . Do include your prototype on the same CD .No hard copies will be needed or accepted. 


Special Consideration: Since I realize  that time may be quite limited for some to apply some recently covered topics  to the full extent , I will extend the submission of your final project reports on CD’s  OPTIONALLY until Thursday May 5th , 2005 (to be submitted in my office by any team member from 2-4PM ) with no penalty .This is an additional week extension for all , if you wish to use it .

D- Optional Final Project Presentation  
Unlike the capstone course  , your project presentation in CIS490 is optional for 30 points extra credit (awarded only to  students who participate in the presentation) .
Optional presentations will be limited to 7 minutes each and should be focused on demonstrating the key deliverables of your project and the prototype . All presentations will be part of our regular Thursday class on April 21 , 2005.
If you are a project manager and your team  wishes  to take advantage of this option , please email me to no later than Monday April 18 , 2005 midnight to have your  presentation scheduled .

Class Agenda on April 21 , 2005
                        1- Food and Music Party (5:45 PM)
                        2- Course Feedback
                        3- Object-Oriented Modeling and ERM
                        4- Final Exam Help and Orientation