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Midterm Exam
Your midterm exam for this semester will be a TAKE HOME EXAM instead of our regular in-class test .

You will receive a link or attachment by Wednesday March 9th , 2005 to provide you with exam questions and instructions.

You will have up to Friday March 11th , 2005 midnight to submit the answers . This is more than 48 hours of time to answer exam questions with no increase in questions difficulty as opposed to regular exams .

This also implies that there will be NO CLASS on Thursday March 10th (since the exam will be received and submitted completely online.

I will also give you an in-class and online help sessions for the midterm exam the week before the midterm (Thursday March 3rd in regular class ) and ( Saturday March 5th Webct online MAIN ROOM chat from 9-10PM) .

For MIDTERM EXAM help click here

For more samples and examples click here

Final Exam (April 28, 2005)